Timeless Pieces

Each luxurious piece is a timeless keepsake that represents a moment in your life.

Elise's Pick

Crescent Moon with Turquoise Layering Necklace Set in Gold


The New Beginnings Collection

Travel & Craftsmanship


My jewelry is designed and handmade in Los Angeles but it’s sourced from all over the world. In my travels, I’m inspired to find unique materials so I can bring you the finest craftsmanship in every piece I create.

Energy & Materials


In order to create, I center my mind and focus on drawing in the good energy from the radiant materials I’m working with. Surrounding myself in nature helps me get lost in my work.

Thank You


Every woman deserves jewelry that reflects her individual style and energy. I’m focused on finding beautiful materials that represent you. I’m grateful for the opportunity to hone my craft and deliver pieces women can wear and enjoy for years. 

It Was Made for You

Zodiac Necklace with Birthstone in Gold

Layered Sets

My unique collection of handmade layered necklace sets are full of good energy & style.